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Managing Employee Performance


Course Overview

This programme covers the importance of a structured formal approach to managing employee performance. It demonstrates why employees need to be very clear on their job responsibilities and objectives. Managers are given an understanding of the importance of knowing what is behind performance issues.


The programme highlights the need for an effective training plan to be in place where employees are not equipped with the skills or knowledge to meet the standards of performance required.


Employees need regular feedback on their performance at a one on one level to ensure there are no surprises in the annual performance review. It explores manager bias and some techniques for ensuring that we assess the performance of others in as fair a way as possible.


Course Objectives
At the end of this programme, delegates will be able to:
bullet point Communicate effectively with employees;
bullet point Plan performance against measurable objectives;
bullet point Identify training needs and select interventions;
bullet point Monitor and support staff effectively;
bullet point Manage difficult performance situations;
bullet point Conduct effective performance assessment meetings;
bullet point Handle salary action discussions and manage expectations;
bullet point Carry out development and career planning discussions.


Target Audience

All those carrying out performance management as part of their job role



1 Day



A combination of theory input, skills practice, group exercises and discussion

All programmes are customised to meet the development needs of the organisation and its employees.