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Managing Difficult Performance Situations


Course Overview

This programme covers the importance of actively managing employee performance on a regular basis. It places particular emphasis on the importance of giving constructive feedback in a timely manner ensuring that the end of year performance review contains no hidden surprises.


The programme provides managers with the skills to develop empathy with their employees and facilitate them in exploring performance issues whilst being assertive in outlining the standards and level of improvement required.


It helps managers become more confident in dealing with highly charged emotional situations and situations where they have to give bad news.


Course Objectives
At the end of this programme, delegates will be able to:
bullet point Objectively analyse performance issues;
bullet point Use active listening skills and empathy to build rapport;
bullet point Give negative feedback about performance in a constructive way;
bullet point Manage employee expectations in line with performance to ensure no surprises;
bullet point Facilitate the employee in clearly identifying the consequences of their behaviours;
bullet point Coach the employee to improve performance through developing and monitoring    action plans for change.


Target Audience

All Managers who have already received training in basic performance review



1 Day



A combination of theory input, skills practice, group exercises and discussion

All programmes are customised to meet the development needs of the organisation and its employees