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Interpersonal & Influencing Skills


Course Overview

This programme has been designed to equip managers and senior level sole contributors, with the skills to build effective relationships with their peers and colleagues in order solve problems, share important organisational information and network effectively. Whilst it is essential to have technical competence, it helps managers appreciate the need to develop interpersonal competence in areas such as communication, listening, building trust and giving and receiving feedback. These skills contribute significantly to what a manager achieves and the way in which they achieve it.

The programme highlights the importance of interpersonal skills in building credibility and profile along with developing key relationships and networking across the organisation.

Course Objectives
At the end of this programme, delegates will be able to:
Identify the consequences of different types of behaviour;
Use active listening skills to discover other peoples needs & sensitivities;
Use productive behaviours to build trust and reach consensus;
Give & receive feedback effectively;
Outline personal strengths and weaknesses in influencing situations;
Develop a strategy for networking and enhancing their relationships within the    workplace.

Target Audience
Managers and senior level sole contributors

1 Day

A combination of theory input, skills practice, group exercises and discussion

All programmes are customised to meet the development needs of the organisation and its employees