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Coaching Skills for Managers


Course Overview

This programme stresses the importance of the manager in developing employees. In order to do this, the manager requires a true interest in his employee’s development and must be sufficiently motivated to facilitate them in developing new skills and behaviour.


This programme covers the basic skills of coaching and allows managers to explore their own development and resistance to change in order to develop effective strategies for coaching their own employees. Managers learn that they key role of the coach is to act as a facilitator and not a counsellor or an instruction giver.

Delegates learn about the importance of using small and logical steps in the coaching process. The programme also covers the importance of monitoring action plans and explaining the consequences of behaviour.


Course Objectives
At the end of this programme, delegates will be able to:
Describe the coaching process and its importance in changing behaviour;
Prepare for coaching by accurately analysing performance difficulties and areas for    development;
Use active listening and empathy to build rapport;
Facilitate others in clearly identifying the consequences of their behaviours;
Identify the importance of developing and monitoring action plans;
Use coaching techniques to influence others and improve performance.

Target Audience

All Managers



1 Day



A combination of theory input, skills practice, group exercises and discussion

All programmes are customised to meet the development needs of the organisation and its employees