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   bullet point Achieving Client Service Excellence
   bullet point Presentation Skills
   bullet point Train the Trainer
   bullet point Time Management



Presentation Skills


Course Overview

A key skill both in building credibility both externally and internally is the ability to make effective presentations.


This programme enables the delegate to design and structure a presentation to accurately meet the audience requirements. It looks at all aspect of presentation skills including voice, body language and movement and takes a building block approach to developing skills in each area. It provides delegates with the techniques for dealing with nervous energy and even ideas for controlling nervous energy in a way, which enhances their performance.


Another key area, which this course addresses, is how to control the question and answer session effectively and in particular how to deal with unexpected client queries.


Course Objectives
At the end of this programme, delegates will be able to:
bullet point Use a format for structuring the content of a presentation with a listener's frame    of reference;
bullet point Demonstrate techniques for channelling physical energy more productively;
bullet point Use vocal energy to maximise the effectiveness of a presentation;
bullet point Develop visual aids to enhance their presentations;
bullet point Control the question and answer sessions of their presentations to achieve    positive results;
bullet point Deliver presentations effectively.


Target Audience

All those who make presentations as part of their job role



2 Days



A combination of theory input, skills practice, group exercises, discussion and role-plays

All programmes are customised to meet the development needs of the organisation and its employees